1. Forty Mornings. One Track Per Day.

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  5. Download ‘Take’ EP Free!

    My new EP just came out on Daylight Curfew. Grab it for free here.


  6. My new EP, Take, is out today via Daylight Curfew. Hear it now exclusively through Spotify.

    (Source: Spotify)


  7. Take EP - Pushed back to Nov. 19

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but my EP has just been pushed back to Nov. 19th instead of Oct. 29th.


  8. TAKE EP (Spotify exclusive) - October 29th on Daylight Curfew.


  9. New track - “Chip”

    From my upcoming Take EP out soon on Daylight Curfew.  Download is free.  Enjoy.


  10. Do what you’d like with the green screen, looking forward to seeing what you got.  “The Beggars” from Helsinki Beat Tape (Part One)


  11. Directed by Mike Low. From Helsinki Beat Tape (Part One)


  12. Shout out to director / animator, Sam Cox on this one. Shows the making of “Moon Milkshake” video.  Six months of work!


  13. New single “Take”

    Might be where I’m headed with Helsinki Beat Tape (Part Two). Take it for free…


  14. Moon Milkshake - directed/animated by Sam Cox


  15. Dfalt - “Superstar”

    They used to call me Dfalt kid.

    I lived the life they wish they did.

    I lived the life don’t own a car.

    Now they call me superstar.